Suede Bridle Stitch Cuff


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All the bright colors of suede with the durability and comfort of a Classic leather lining make our new Bridle Stitch cuff a perfect accent piece, especially when worn with any of our our suede belts. With the skill and craftsmanship of our Amish harness makers we were able to maintain the style of the Bridle Stitch while reducing the width of the cuff, making it less chunky and softer on the wrist.

• Bright, durable chap suede outer
• Classic leather lining for durability and comfort
• Contrasting white Bridle Stitch design
• Peg closure with two holes for adjustment
• Hand made in the USA by master harness makers
• Minimum Wrist Size: 6.75"
• Maximum Wrist Size: 7.5"
• Please note the wrist sizes are the inside circumference of the cuff on the two adjustment holes. A smaller sized wrist may still work with the cuff depending on how loose you like to wear it.

Product Description

• Minimum Wrist Size: 6.75" • Maximum Wrist Size: 7.5"