St Patricks Day 1.25" Suede Bridle Stitch Bit Belt

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As versatile as the ring snaffle it's attached to, the newly designed Suede Bridle Stitch Bit Belt adds style to breeches, jeans and even over the top of a tunic. This new design buckles over the left hip so the genuine ring snaffle can sit comfortably in the front without having the bulk of two buckles under both sides of your riding jacket. We've also been able to reduce the width of the belt without compromising the style of the bridle stitching thanks to the skill and craftsmanship of our Amish harness makers.

*Please note that current inventory is based on our initial production. You may backorder products that are out of stock and these will be supplied after March 15th when general production is completed.


The belt measurement is shown to the middle hole and would be if you were wearing the belt at your waist. If you wear low-rise breeches or jeans, you should go up 2" on your breech size (e.g. 28 low rise breech = 30" belt).

By far the most accurate method of measuring is to take a belt you currently wear and measure from where the leather folds at the buckle to the middle hole. Follow these steps;

1. Lay your belt down flat.

2. Measure your belt from the point where the leather folds where buckle is attached, to the middle hole. Do not include the buckle itself in your measurement.
3. Find the corresponding measurement on the chart below to confirm your belt size. On your new belt, the length measurement will be the center hole.

Please note that on each belt there are 5 sizing holes spaced 1" apart to allow for adjustments.

29.5" 31.5" 33.5" 35.5" 37.5" 39.5" 41.5"
FIT 27.5"- 31.5" 29.5"- 33.5" 31.5"- 35.5" 33.5"- 37.5" 35.5"- 39.5" 37.5"- 41.5" 39.5"- 43.5"
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