Love the color

Selecting the color that's right for you is a very personal decision, but have you ever wondered what those colors say about you? While not terribly 'scientific', click your favorite colors below to see all the products available for your 'personality'.


AZURE - You are very attractive, talkative and have beautiful, expressive eyes. One of your greatest assets is your sincere love for those around you. You are in touch with your emotions and help others get in touch with theirs. Click to view

BLACK - You are highly emotional and very loyal to your friends. You are disciplined, an overachiever and very serious. You have a keen understanding of the past and understand why things happen the way they do. Click to view

BRIGHT BERRY - You are very lucky with opportunities appearing like magic. You are an enchanter, attracting people to you. You are open and enthusiastic. Click to view

CHOCOLATE - You are down to earth, comfortable with who you are and have a great ability to find joy in your life. You don’t take things personally. You rebound from failure and go for what you want. Click to view

COWBOY TAN - As an activist, you have the power to change the world. Both admired and loved as a friend, you must learn to appreciate both yourself and what you have accomplished. Click to view

GREEN - Content and balanced, people find you calming to be around. You’re happiest when helping others and often find yourself playing the role of peacemaker. Alas, your too-kind heart can sometimes see you being duped! Click to view

LILAC - Your appearance is amazing – you always know what looks good on you. You are charming, concerned with the reaction of others and find balance in life. When in a bad mood, you have a tendency to see only the negative. Click to view

LODEN - You are good at making decisions. You have great strength and conviction in your beliefs. People have a hard time figuring you out, but can always count on you for a crazy adventure. Click to view

ORCHID - Courageous and passionate, you have a playful side that balances your serious and spiritual nature. You are confident and not afraid to take action. Remember, the journey is often more important than the outcome of your endeavors. Click to view

OXBLOOD - Conservative and quick-witted, you are a reliable friend. A natural leader, you’re a creative problem solver and love to rally a gang behind your good ideas. Don’t forget, the insights of others could keep you from stepping in deep puddles. Click to view

RED - You know who you are and what you want. Popularity, money and power are all yours. You are kind and generous to your friends. You love to have fun at parties, especially if you are in charge. You are also a perfectionist and state your opinions boldly. Click to view

SADDLE - Driven by your conscience, you are a levelheaded decision maker- guiding you well at work and in love. Though, you are known to plant your feet in the ground when asked to be flexible. Click to view

SEAHORSE - You are the one everyone should ask for advice as you stay objective and don’t get petty. You need space and like options, especially in love relationships. Click to view

SLATE - Hardworking and dependable, you are beloved by those you work with. Though considered a wise intellect, you can be narrow-minded at times. Remain fair in your judgment and remember life is not always black or white. Click to view

STEEL - Pressure stimulates you and you like setting goals for yourself. You are exciting, curious and great at parties. You surround yourself with many unusual people and have loose boundaries. Click to view

TANGERINE - You are a dedicated party person who hides your sensitive and sentimental side. Although you are pessimistic about your personal dreams, you are incredibly skilled at innovation. You are fearless in your dress and put together the most unusual combinations. Click to view

WHITE - Committed to making the world a better place, you have strong faith and a calming effect on friends. Click to view

WINE - Conservative and down to earth, your mysterious, regal persona is very intriguing. You’re known as a reliable friend and driven worker, though your creative nature can cause you to be a bit impulsive. Click to view

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