• Equestrian Julep Cup
    Equestrian Julep Cup
  • Equestrian Horseshoe Glass Pitcher
    Featuring a stallion's head within a realistic horseshoe, our pure-pewter medallion embellishes each piece of glass and stoneware in this collection. These detailed designs offer an every-day elegance to any setting.
  • Thoroughbred Bottle Stopper
    Perfect for race days at the track, Thoroughbred Bottle Stopper highlights the esteemed form of these creatures. An exquisite, pure-pewter stallion shows off its muscular physique as it prances at the top of this piece. Remarkable detail in the horse's mane and tail makes these features appear darker than the rest of the design.
  • Stirrup Ice Bucket
    Grips line the tread of these pieces in realistic fashion, while a leathery-patterned, figural strap arches high above the bucket before wrapping around each stirrup. Buckles and other attachments add more realistic detail to the design. Much like they would the feet of a rider, these pure-pewter stirrups help stabilize and support the weight of this ice bucket.
  • Equestrian Beverage Server Round
    Equestrian Beverage Server Round
  • Large Equestrian Stirrup Tray
    Large Equestrian Stirrup Tray