• "A Matter of Light, The Art of Andre Pater"
    This stunning 240-page coffee table hardback art book presented in eleven visually powerful chapters, shines light on the artistic periods of Andre Pater, and how his style and technique evolved through a gamut of subjects from equestrian, historical and genre paintings to his recent Native American portrayals.
  • Equestrian BIt 8X10 Photo Frame
    Frame your favorite Equestrian in our luxurious black wood photo frame embellished with pewter egg butt snaffle bits joined by detailed leather bridle straps in a repeating pattern. The versatile backing allows photo to free stand or be hung in a wall gallery.
  • Rebecca Ray Oil Diffuser Set
    Rebecca Ray is pleased to introduce Style of the Sporting Life (TM) Diffusers as part of our new home lines!!! We have assembled 3 luxury diffuser sets, each with 2 signature equestrian style scents that are perfectly safe for anywhere in the house or tack room as the reed diffusers simply soak up the scent oils from the beautiful glass defuser bottle that holds the diffusers. Made in America by small batch exclusively for Rebecca Ray Designs. Phthalate free. 18 bamboo reeds; 8 for each scent. Removable leather Rebecca Ray Label on the Diffuser. Packaged in an understated craft paper box with a chocolate Rebecca Ray label. Lovely for gifting. When you are ready to change scents, rinse the bottle out with soap and water, dry and pour your next scent. For more scent, once the reeds have been soaking, turn the reeds over. The more reeds you turn over, the more fragrance diffuses throughout the room. Scents will last for 3-6 months, depending on use.

    Available colors: