Welcome to Rebecca Ray - An American Bench Made Product!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does “Bench Made” mean?
The Random House Dictionary defines bench made as: articles made of leather, wood, etc. individually produced and finished, as on a carpenter's bench; custom-made. Rebecca Ray’s products, both leather and soft goods are made just this way. Actually, on peddle driven sewing machines and without electricity. Just like the great harness makers of days gone by. Every item is made from start to finish on a workbench. No assembly lines. We consider our products individual works of art. It’s the real deal.

Why is there sometimes a wait to receive your products?
Many of our products are routinely stocked at our headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. But if the item you have selected is not on the shelf, there will be up to a 3 week wait while our master artisans and harness makers create your product. Please be patient with us as we prepare your item.

Where are your Master Harness Makers and Seamstresses located?
Our Master Harness Makers and Seamstresses are a talented cadre of Amish citizens who work in Ohio and Pennsylvania, where the largest communities of Amish families live. Our teams are able to work from their own homes, so that they may tend to their families and farms as well. Many of our Amish families have been working with us for ten years or more.

What makes a Rebecca Ray so special?
Besides being Bench Made right here in America, our fine quality and craftsmanship are hallmarks of our brand. We use premium fabrics and leathers that are tanned in water so that the tanning process doesn’t harm the environment. Our sewing and hardware are all harness grade, meaning solid stainless steel and brass trimmings that will hold up to a horse’s weight. Our products are meant to be used hard, and still look fabulous, with a patina of time.

Our promise to you: We guarantee our products for life. If you are ever dissatisfied with one of our products, just call us and we’ll make it right, repair the product or replace it.