The Evolution of a Rebecca Ray Bag

Posted on January 20, 2014 by Rebecca | 4 comments

Everyone always asks me where we find our inspirations for designs and the truth is, the ideas come to me at the strangest times!!  Our new Burghley Tote is an example of an "in the moment" idea.  I was riding using a bridle with web reins, and started thinking about how neat it would be to incorporate those web reins into one of our designs.  So I tucked that idea away where it sat and brewed for a while.  

Then, along came a 3-day event. Derek, Lizzie and I were trudging along through the field walking the course when Lizzie handed me one more thing to carry.  (Because, if you don't know this, Moms are like walking tote bags!) Imagine my surprise when I get to a meeting and start looking for something in my purse, only to pull out 2 American Girl dresses, 1 half eaten granola bar and a geometry homework assignment.  Anyways, I thought to myself I need a great bag to carry to a three day event that is casual and practical... hey, I can use the webbed rein detail on it!!!  

The Burghley was born. It went through several prototypes, which we all carried and tweaked. We loved it so much, we put our Rebecca Ray Designs horse on the front.  We couldn't decide between the dark leather details and the green web reins verses the chestnut leather details and the khaki web reins, so it comes in two color choices. I named it Burghley after the famed four star CCI 3-Day Event in England, one of the six leading 3-day events in the world.  It just seemed appropriate after all, that the idea was hatched on a 3-day event course!

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Riding Lessons: A Simple Metaphor for Life

Posted on November 11, 2013 by Rebecca | 0 comments

As equestrians, there are riding instructions that are so ingrained into our brains, that they echo all of the time:  Heels down, soften your hands, half-halt.   Recently, our daughter Lizzie has been working on her leads coming off of her fences, and she has a tendency to look down at her pony's shoulder to see if he picked up the correct lead.  Inevitably, as any well-school horseman will tell you, that movement secures the lead the pony will pick up, whether it is wrong or right for the direction, as she is subliminally cuing him.  So as her trainer, Jeff Gogul, likes to tell her, if she looks down towards that ground one too many times, she'll be in it!!  I can still hear my teachers telling me the exact same thing! Riding lesson number one:  eyes up, steering the horse where you want to go.

As I was listening to her lesson the other day, I realized what a great metaphor for life that is.  Often we get so mired in the day to day, that we forget to focus on the big picture -- where we are heading, what we have already accomplished, what our ultimate goals are. Instead, quite often, we find ourselves stuck in the mud, down toiling in the sand arena!  So, I know, next time I'm frustrated on the minutia, I'll take a moment to look straight forward, through the ears of my horse, beyond the fence in front of me and focus on the end result: the really big picture.  Hope I get my lead correct!!

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