Why We Love What We Do at RRD

Posted on May 13, 2013 by Rebecca | 0 comments

Twice a year we descend upon the beautiful farm fields of Eastern Pennsylvania where we have a three day design session with our harness makers. While this is fun, the best part of this is that they include us as part of their extended family, and we get to enjoy the simple pleasures of their Amish family.  We'd be lying if we said that we didn't charge and check our phones, but besides that, we really enjoy a sense of tranquility that we don't often get in our over-teched daily lives. 

When the roosters crowed in the morning, Julie, our Marketing and Website Guru, collected all of the eggs for a farm cooked breakfast, ready nice and early.  After breakfast, we spend all morning in the harness shop, a bright, airy space (with the most glorious natural hardwood floors!), where all of the tools are either air-powered or treadle (foot!) powered.  The children deliver our mid-morning snack from the main house- a delightful, immaculate farmhouse that is warm and cozy.  We were spoiled with home-made lemonade, doughnuts and granola bars (I didn't say this was a low calorie trip!).  By this time, the Harness shop in full-blown chaos- everyone trying ideas out, the guys cutting leather as fast as they can for us and way too many opinions.  The floor is covered in scraps, and we are full steam ahead.  At lunch, we are all pitching our products to each other and by 5:00 pm, we've made some concessions, as is common in the design process.  

Dinner is shared by everyone around a huge table- including the children who are home from school by then; we number at least 15. It is like a holiday feast, but with everything out of their own garden; home-made salads, tomato sauces, freshly baked bread, pickled eggs, you name it!!  Oh, and by the way, there is desert, too - often a home-made pie or fresh ice-cream with strawberries out of the garden.  Then, we sit quietly on the porch, while a neighbor may till his fields with a handsome team of mules until the sun goes down.  We watch the birds at the bird feeder as the children play and discuss the days events, and share and learn more about each other's cultures (and maybe another snack-  home-made pretzels anyone?!).

This year, as a special going away gift, on the morning that we had to re-enter the world, the children's pony had a foal while we were there! Julie, a confirmed city girl, was able touch the foal just hours old before she was turned out in the paddock to meet her new friends. In honor of our special friendship, the children decided to name the foal Juliette!!  Did I mention that we absolutely love what we get to do and that we love bringing authentic Rebecca Ray designs to you, so that you can share in this very special partnership?


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